TTF Entertainment was founded by Sean Gilfillan and Chuck Shorter in 2011.   

Sean was an Army officer and has a memorial tattoo on his back honoring the seven men who served with him that never made it home from Iraq.  The tattoo is titled “To The Fallen” hence TTF Entertainment.  After leaving the Army, Sean dedicated his life to boosting morale and quality of life on base for troops and families.

In 2010, Sean went out to Hollywood and was introduced to Chuck Shorter, a former agent at CAA, the world’s largest talent agency, and together they founded TTFE.

Combining senior military entertainment expertise with senior entertainment, sponsorship and marketing industry expertise, TTFE  quickly became the contractor of choice for MWR professionals worldwide.  

The military can trust TTFE to be transparent and to have their best interest at heart. TTFE also has entertainment industry veterans who get insider and volume discounts on talent and produce the highest quality events.  

Based on the military-wide need to both meet millennial troop demand, in 2016 TTFE developed a Base*FEST Program that builds an annual, one day, music festival for bases.  In 2017, TTFE will produce Base*FEST on two installations.

TTFE’s mission is simple — Help the Military Bring Awesome Entertainment to the People Who Deserve It Most.  We are happy to serve.

Our Team has produced everything from outdoor summer MUSIC FESTIVALS and holiday celebrations to COMEDY TOURS in hangars and FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT in base theaters.  TTFE’s Team has a global reputation having worked with a majority of the major artists on worldwide tours, therefore talent trust us to produce a top notch event.  We also have the resources to produce a high volume of shows, nationally and globally, with little burden on stretched military resources.  ‚Äč